Michelle Macomber

Michelle Macomber

Surface Esthetics was founded on the notion that there is no such thing as “perfect skin” but rather your most perfect skin and as the owner, Michelle Macomber, has made it her mission in life to find everyone’s most perfect skin one treatment at a time.

A solution-based skincare spa, Surface Esthetics has been serving men, women, and teens in the San Diego community for more than 10 years, and has received the A-List Award for Best Facials in San Diego for five consecutive years for its continued excellence in finding strategy-based solutions to long and short-term skin care issues, including chronic acne. With her background as both a teacher and a college professor, and by recognizing that *all* skin is different, Michelle has spent countless hours studying skin care products and skin treatments not just specific to women and facials, but also various other skin types and trouble areas ranging from different ethnic groups and how to treat the different skin tones, men’s treatments focused predominantly on blackhead and milia removal, teen acne treatments, and prenatal acne.

Michelle also personally hand-selects all of her product lines to meet the utmost quality that she is determined to deliver in the skin treatment room, using active ingredient purity and known effectiveness as her most important priority. Her treatment plan also continues to perform outside of the spa, as she encourages in-home regimens by helping the clients navigate through the misinformation and the sales pitches of over-the-counter products. She educates the clients on how their specific skin works and how each over-the-counter product and its ingredients work with the skin so that the client can choose the product that best fits their skin type.

“It’s important for me to help people showcase their inner beauty outwardly because when you look and feel beautiful, you go out and do beautiful things in the world.”

Michelle’s experience:

Michelle attended college at University of California at Santa Barbara, and then went on to pursue her Master’s of Education at California State University San Marcos.

Michelle received the prestigious Legacy Award from the International Dermal Institute shortly after graduation with her Esthetics degree, and went on to receive her Post-Graduate Certification in Esthetics due to the scholarship awarded by the Legacy program. Very few Estheticians have this Post-Graduate Certification, and even less have a Master’s level education and a Post-Graduate certification in Esthetics. Michelle has almost 10 years of experience in skin, and 20 years experience in education. 20 different San Diego physicians refer patients to Surface Esthetics for treatment.

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