Anti Aging Secrets

The Fountain of Youth… Wouldn’t it be wonderful if it actually existed? If only we could change the water at Surface Esthetics and greet you with a magical, anti aging elixir. When we aren’t busy with wishful thinking we are busy compiling our personal tricks that keep us looking young. (Or at least create the illusion.)

Try This in Your Twenties:

  • Making sunscreen a habit now is ideal to prevent dark spots and fine lines that come with over exposure to UVA/UVB rays.
  • Your twenties are filled with late nights and early mornings… Dark circles and puffiness have a tendency to age even the best of us. Incorporate an eye cream into your skincare regimen to help sooth tired eyes and fight future fine lines.

In Your Thirties:

  • Invest in a potent topical vitamin C to reduce free radical damage caused by the environment.
  • Deep set wrinkles and fine lines starting to appear in your thirties? A retinol will speed up cell turnover and boost collagen production.

In Your Forties:

  • If you haven’t already tried injectable fillers, now is a good time. Products like Botox and Juvederm will plump and fill deep set wrinkles.

In Your Fifties:

  • You may feel like you need a complete resurfacing during these years. Try a laser treatment like IPL or Fraxel to turn back the clock.

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