Our Favorite Nightcaps

This past week has been a particularly busy one around Surface Esthetics. A couple of us from the spa, including myself, took a trip up to LA to take a few Yonka training courses! We had a great time refreshing our skills and learning some new tricks. We all know that you are supposed to layer your skin care products in a certain order for maximum efficacy, but throughout the course our instructor kept suggesting mixing certain products together for beautiful results… What!?! Lets be clear, this does NOT mean that you can mix your moisturizer, serum, and retinol together and call it a night. Think more along the lines of adding a boost to your product. This is done by mixing a few drops of an appropriate Yonka serum with your night time cream. Depending on what you use it will add more hydration or extra calming effects. We like the term product “cocktail”. After an 8 hour class, our product cocktail inspiration was flowing and we could wait to get back to our hotel and try some out for ourselves, but first we had to stop for a REAL cocktail!

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