There, there. We know you have had it with estheticians and skincare. We know you are fed up with all the empty promises of looking 85 years younger. If you are looking for lies, empty promises, and hidden costs, you have come to the wrong place. You see, once you become a Surface VIP you are coming face to face with your long lost best friend – The one you have known since you had braces, the one who will be there by your side during a crisis, but also the one honest enough to give you the tough love when you need it most.


Unlike other spas, all necessary procedures, including peels, masks & products used that day are included in the service.

Our pledge to you: We promise to provide you a serene and relaxing experience and a skin care expert who is dedicated to working with you and your skin to find solutions. We dare to be different from other spas by vowing to customize each treatment to fit your skin. That’s why you don’t see a service menu: what you need is what you get.


Unlike “the others,” our experts are not trained saleswomen pushing products. This means when we make recommendations for a specific product as part of your in-home care plan, it is because it is best for your skin. We do this because we are passionate about finding solutions and we want to encourage you to stay consistent with your in-home care plans, and your dermatologist’s recommendations to enhance the quick path to healthy, beautiful skin. Your skin is as important to us as it is to you, and as its best friends and your experts, we are here for you.