Here at Surface, we aren’t just looking to give you what we call a “Disneyland facial,” more commonly known as the “just for fun facial.” We are in the business of creating change in your skin. This is why as part of your VIP Experience, we treat you to a 3-step process that includes rejuvenation, relaxation and treatment solutions. After analyzing your skin and listening to what you hope to achieve from your visit, and what your dermatologist may have suggested, we create the custom trifecta that fits your needs. And yes, all of that is included within the cost of your visit, including any products used to achieve it!


Don’t get us wrong. We love the Disneyland facials too! Who wouldn’t love to be pampered sometimes? Okay, who are we kidding? Who wouldn’t love to be pampered all of the time? But why not include some solutions to your problems along with the pampering? Rejuvenation begins by hydrating your skin, followed by treatments like microdermabrasion and dermaplaning. Resolving issues like acne, blackheads, unsightly pores…whatever the case may be. We pride ourselves on providing that solution and not just slapping on some finely scented moisturizers and calling it a day.


Yes, we are here to find you a medical level solution that complements your existing plan, but why not do it in a serene, relaxing, spa-like VIP way?

It’s like a 2-for-1 but better! Between the aromatherapy, the heated beds and pillows, the spa music and the massages throughout the treatments, we dare you not to fall asleep on the bed (or do, we won’t tell). We are passionate about delivering dermatology level results in a spa-like environment and making sure you feel like a VIP the entire time.