JenJennifer Jungkunz

JBird is our resident badass and probably the only girl you know who asked for a pony as a kid and actually got one! A small town girl with big town ambition, she moved to San Diego with her husband less than 3 years ago, but not until being named Top Female Athlete in her Air Force Basic Training! That’s right. Don’t let her zen-like character fool you – This motorcycle riding, horse barrel racing, peanut butter loving rockstar dedicates 110% to everything, including your skin…like a BOSS. Her own childhood struggle with her skin is what makes her so passionate to help others with theirs.

Michelle Macomber

Esthetician and businesswoman by day, avid paddle boarder by night, Michelle has recently adopted 5 chickens who live harmoniously in her Del Mar home with two pugs, one cat, one 11 year old and one husband. When they’re not all busy jumping on the trampoline in the backyard, Michelle (a die-hard Chargers fan) and her husband (a “Who invited the Saints fan to San Diego?”) spend their down time convincing their son to decide whose side of the Christmas tree he wants to support this year. Choose wisely, and you might get invited to her parents’ vineyard for the annual Grape Harvest!