What is this VIP experience exactly? So glad you asked.
At Surface, we believe in Value, Integrity, and Passion.



We know it is difficult to believe, but your skincare experts are not just friendly faces with soft hands. Our highly-educated team of doctor-recommended experts has a combined education of more than 30 years in skin care! They also attend classes regularly to stay up to speed on all the latest in skin care solutions to provide you the top of the line treatment, that complements any dermatologist suggestions as well. As a Surface VIP, you receive physician-quality treatment without the scary physician-quality bill. We also cater each service to YOU. Maybe this is why we have won Best Facials in San Diego for 5 consecutive years?


Each new VIP is paired with his/her own expert to receive a one-on-one consultation along with an award-winning, customized facial.

At Surface, you won’t find a generic list of services because we look at skin like we look at snowflakes – no two are alike, so offering you a cookie-cutter facial that is the same as our last VIP’s would be like giving you a root canal just because the last patient needed one. This is why your first VIP Experience will begin with a 90 minute session that includes a consultation, along with an all-inclusive facial.


The 90 min session allows us to really learn about you, your habits, and your skin because we are passionate about the care. Even though we would love to see your smiling face for the rest of our lives, we are dedicated to finding you a solution as quickly as possible. This is why we also provide client education and home-care treatment plans to enhance the results you see in the treatment room. By maintaining a care plan in home and staying educated on ways to keep your skin happy, you are able to be proactive and sometimes even limit your visits to the spa. I know, we are sad about that too, but in a bittersweet kind of way.