By supplementing physician-level treatments and working with your dermatologist’s recommendations, we are able to enhance the treatments and reach results faster.

Alright friend, let’s start filling up your toolbelt. As a Surface VIP, you already have us in your back pocket, but we also team up with your dermatologist to complement the work they have been doing for you!
There is nothing like going into battle with an army, right? You just sit back, relax, and let the experts handle the work.


So now you’ve got your experts, your customized facial, and your dermatologist. Now what? Only the best products known around the globe, of course! And before you panic, the answer is “No,” this will not skyrocket your treatment cost because everything is included in the price! And we promise, you will never have to do the awkward sales dance at the end of your treatment or feel pressured to purchase a bottle of “miracle cream.” The product suggestions made in our spa are strictly made with your skin’s best interest in mind, and we have no problem recommending drugstore equivalents if that is easier for your budget! Pinky promise!


You are here because you are looking for results, right? Right! And as your trusted experts, we are passionate about making sure you see these results because that’s what friends are for, right? Right! So we are going to give you some homework! (No pouting allowed) Before you leave us we will give you a step-by-step How To Guide for maintaining the work we have done that day. It is not a big deal and we promise to keep it as simple as possible to make sure that you do follow through. This tool helps keep your skin in the right “state of mind” so to speak and helps your skin continue down the healthy path to change.