Anti Aging Secrets

The Fountain of Youth… Wouldn’t it be wonderful if it actually existed? If only we could change the water at Surface Esthetics and greet you with a magical, anti aging elixir. When we aren’t busy with wishful thinking we are busy compiling our personal tricks that keep us looking young. (Or at least create the […]

Our Favorite Nightcaps

This past week has been a particularly busy one around Surface Esthetics. A couple of us from the spa, including myself, took a trip up to LA to take a few Yonka training courses! We had a great time refreshing our skills and learning some new tricks. We all know that you are supposed to […]

Its Flu Season…

Hey everyone! I want to start by apologizing for a lack of posts this week, I was out of commission due to something we all have to deal with… a cold. Yes, its that time of year again, the temperature starts to drop… you start dreaming of holidays gifts (and parties!) and then WHAM! You’re […]

DIY Skin Care

DIY skin care is hard to avoid. Assuming you are all as avid pinners as I am, you are constantly seeing crazy remedies from peoples pantries. But who’s to say what really works and most importantly, whats really SAFE for your skin? Some things will work if you are truly in a pinch but nothing […]